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About Us

We Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

Our commitment is to walk with you towards innovatively unlocking exciting possibilities in
your enterprise journey through our unique advisory solutions, customized to create value to
your customers and build your brand.

Our Services

Our core competence is in adding value to our clients by providing a wide array of tailor-made advisory solutions,
business outsourcing, training and human capital development solutions, funding solutions,
management consulting and strategic plan development consulting services

Training and Human Capital Development Solutions

Our training solutions are intentionally designed equip staff to meet a diverse range of
organizational needs, based on a comprehensive analysis of the prevailing need. Our clients
come out of our processes with the drive and tools they need to advance their strategies, while
being able to align with the greater organizational vision, mission and core values

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting solutions are premised on the conviction that successful organizational growth
requires strategic interventions informed by a sound analysis targeting available opportunities

for growth and addresses the needs of both the organization and the clients it serves

Outsourcing Solutions

While recognizing the need for organizations to streamline their operations with a greater focus
on their core deliverables, Evoke Global appreciates the need to fill in the gap by providing the
key but non-core support functions to organizations. This enables organizations to work
efficiently and at optimum levels while their non-core functions are taken care of

Investment Advisory

Evoke Global connects investors to real business opportunities in emerging markets. Leveraging
on our extensive network of global partners, our investments arm connects your organization
to endless opportunities to interact and benefit from our rich network of financial institutions
and angel investors for a chance to unlock business capital for expansion. As part of our
commitment, we will walk with you through the process of pitching to investors and sourcing
for capital financing

Our Amazing Clients

Below are some of the clients and partners we have worked with