Advisory Board

Who We Are?

As a training, coaching and consulting organization, Evoke Global is at the forefront of revolutionizing the practice of strategy and implementation to enable organizations achieve and track progress in attaining profitability, scalability and sustainability; and we offer more than the standard approach. We differentiate ourselves on our record of implementation, and to us, implementation forms the core of our solutions. Our processes are intentionally designed and refined with excellence to leave our clients with utmost clarity in subsequent workplace engagements.

This is an outcome of our emphasis on consistent and intentional stakeholder engagement; our constant cultivation of ownership and capacity development within the organization; the detailed, client-specific analysis, cutting-edge and competent human capital resources that exemplify our work.

Evoke provides business development advisory solutions with the conviction that successful business growth requires leadership and strategy informed by sound market intelligence that targets opportunities and addresses the needs of both the organization and the clients it serves.

Why Evoke?


To transition businesses into the next level of growth


To accelerate growth in the enterprise ecosystem by providing innovative solutions to MSMEs and not-for-profit organizations, transforming them into profitable, sustainable and scalable entities

Our Brand Promise

Our commitment is to walk with you towards innovatively unlocking exciting possibilities in your enterprise journey through our unique advisory solutions, customized to create value to your customers and build your brand

Our Core Values


Our Customer-Centrism and focus on client satisfaction defines our engagement with our clients


We employ utmost levels of excellence, striving to surpass ordinary standards and going the extra mile for our clients


We believe in continuous improvement, embracing innovation in meeting our clients’ needs


We find meaning in what we do. Purpose defines our satisfaction


Integrity defines our engagement with our stakeholders

Our Amazing Clients

Below are some of the clients and partners we have worked with